My New Website

This post is going to ramble a bit, because I haven’t thought it through. Feel free to skip this one.

This new website is a place to share my journey as a scientist and fight director. I’m currently a master’s student in the Kinesiology department at Iowa State University working on my thesis. I will conduct remote data collection, so I needed a way to post password-protected instructional videos without worrying about ads popping up. Luckily, WordPress also has ways to schedule and follow-up with study participants, so this should be a really useful tool for me.

This should also be a good place to share my publications as they come as well as notes and thoughts on my progress toward my goals. I have several.

Long term goals

  • Kinesiology M.S. degree
  • Kinesiology PhD degree
  • Certified Teacher status with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD)
  • Tenure-track academic post to continue research in health science and theatre arts
  • Flourishing practice as a fight director and stage combat educator

Short term goals

  • Collect data for my thesis work
  • Be a great husband and father
  • Continue running and reading daily
  • Relax and recuperate over the winter break

I’m going to commit to posting weekly. Eventually, these posts should become more substantial, perhaps treating on a specific topic of interest- more like magazine articles. Until then, I’ll spout out some thoughts and progress reports in my journey as a budding scientist and theatre artist.

Fight Kindly, my friends


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